A Klingon Christmas Carol

December 9th, 2007 | by Sqotty |

A Klingon Christmas Carol, produced by the Comedia Beauregard, with support from several members of the IKV Rakehell (Klingon Assault Group), was an adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic into Klingon, and told from the Klingon point of view.

SQuja’ (Scrooge), is a conniving money lender who has a bodyguard/strongman, QachIt (Bob Crachit) who collects his money and does his fighting for him. SQuja’ has told many stories (lies) about his past deeds of glory to his nephew, vreD (Fred) who has yet to find anyone who was, or even knows anyone who was, there when SQuja’ supposedly performed his great deeds of honor. vreD invites Squja’ to join his annual celebration and tournament.

SQuja’ is visited by the ghost of his dead partner, marlI’, who is doomed to forever battle and yet never win his fights. He warns SQuja’ that a similar fate awaits him, but there is still a chance that SQuja’ might redeem himself, and will be visited by three spirits.

The spirits are, of course, the Ghost of Kahless Past, the Ghost of Kahless Present, and the Ghost of Kahless Yet to Come. They guide him through his past, where SQuja’ is forced to revisit his youth where the seeds of his cowardice planted. In the present, he sees that the warriors use his name as a pejorative meaning “coward.” He is beginning to see the error of his way and though the entire process learns to deal with the fact that he has been a craven coward and still a child.

He makes amends by ordering his assitant, QachIt, to spend more time with his crippled son, Tim-Hom (Tiny Tim) to prepare him for the Right of Ascension, which SQuja’ vows to walk with Tim-Hom.

The play is a mix of serious dramatics and humor, narrated by a straight-faced Vulcan from the Vulcan Institute of Anthropology. It was the brain-child of Chris Kidder and Sasha Wallach of the Comdia Beauregard, and supported by Laura Thurston and Bill Hedrick of the IKV Rakehell.

Chris played QachIt, Bill and Laura both had several roles in the show that was directed by Sasha Wallach. Michael Ooms, who played SQuja’, put on a marvelous and convincing performance of the main character. I got the feeling that they all had a blast putting on this show, and their hard work payed of. Did I mention that it was performed in the original Klingon?

The show only played for one night only, for an audience of a couple of hundred. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll put it on again next year.


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