Berkeley Police Arrest Bare-breasted Moonbat

June 20th, 2008 | by Sqotty |

From the Land of the Ludicrous, AKA Berkeley, California, we have yet another anti-war protest in front of the Marine Recruitment Center organized by the Moonbats of code Pinko and Breasts Not Bombs. One Moonbat was arrested for continuing to display her knockers despite requests from police to cover-up. I know there is at least one website out there with pictures from a similar Berkeley anti-war rally run by Breast Not Bombs, and, quite frankly, I think the vast majority of these Moonbats would better serve their cause by keeping their clothes on.

From The Berkeley Daily Planet Moonbat:

Bennett said that a second person took her shirt off twice, but that person was not arrested. Bennett claims she was arrested because she is a leader in the Code Pink actions and that police are trying to intimidate Code Pink leaders.

Let’s see, the Berkeley City Council has allowed the pro-terrorist protestors to block access to the recruitment facility and local cops have stood by and refused to take action when complaints were made, and the arrest of a Code Pinko for violating city ordinances on nudity is an attempt to intimidate protestors? Protestors are able to harass and intimidate people attempting to enlist into the Armed Forces of the United States, and they scream “foul” when arrested for violating the law?

It gets better as the arrestee, Pam Bennett, asserts that “War is indecent, breasts are not,” and breasts are a symbol peace and anti-war. Okay, here’s one for the Moonbats: Breasts are the symbol of Life, and should be used as such by the pro-life movement. Bare your breasts to stop abortions! Another one that would also be good would be “Bare Your Breasts for Victory.”

And, of course, it gets better still:

Friday’s arrest “was a totally political arrest. I was a political prisoner,” Bennett said.

Say what?! Since when is being arrested for baring your breasts make you a political prisoner. I can see it now. “Man in trenchcoat arrested for flashing young teens. Claims he was exercising free-speech rights and that he is now a political prisoner.”

Berkeley needs a new sign: Welcome to Berkely – home of the Bare-breasted Moonbat.


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