Berkeley War On Marines Costs City Over $200,000

March 28th, 2008 | by Sqotty |

The City of Berkeley is learning the price of calling the Marines “unwanted and uninvited”, er, free speech, at least from a monetary stand point. From InsideBayarea:

Police spokeswoman Sgt. Mary Kusmiss said police department overtime from Feb. 12 to March 22 was $210,814.13. The city spent roughly $93,000 Feb. 12 during an all-day protest at Old City Hall that drew about 2,000 anti-war protestors and military supporters, she said.

When you factor out the $93K for Feb. 12th, considering it an anomaly rather than a typical day, you end up at roughly $20,000 per week in police overtime. At that rate, they should hit the $1 Million mark by the end of the year. A pretty penny to pay just to say you hate the marines and want them out of Berkeley.

[Medea] Benjamin [Code Pinko co-founder] said the weekly protests will continue until the recruitment center leaves town

Code Pink, the World Can’t Wait, Drive Out the Bush Regime (do these bozos know what a regime is?) and other pro-terrorist extremist groups intend to continue their weekly protests until the recruitment center closes and the Marines leave. I think that’s a good idea, I mean really, what the hey, the city council already gave them a number of free permits to hold their protests for the next six months, permits that other groups have to PAY for. Power to them.

Meanwhile, Berkeley businesses are continuing to see lost revenues as the Lafayette War Veterans Golf Committee have announced their intentions of moving their annual fund-raising event from Berkeley to an undetermined venue in a different community; one that is not hostile to our military.

The Lafayette War Veterans golf committee has raised more than $60,000 the last two years to help people who have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan and are being treated at the Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center at the Veterans Administration hospital in Palo Alto, tournament organizers said.

What does this tell us about Berkeley that their hostility to the Armed Forces would drive out a very good fund raising event from its community? This group raises money for a very good cause, not to mention money that is spent in the community that hosts the event.

Then there are the arrests, as few as they are as the city council passed a resolution that encourages the use of any means necessary to impede the work of the Marine recruiters, including tactics that are not tolerated by pro-lifers at abortion clinics; you know, intimidation and harassment. Of the few arrests that have been made, most of those arrested have been the anti-war/pro-terrorist side of the aisle. Like Zanne Joi of Code Pinko. How much are these arrests costing the city?

So, here’s to free speech. Let the weekly protests, and hoping that the Marines remain in Berkeley. After all, $20K per week isn’t that high of a price to pay. Its not as if they are putting their life on the line to help build a free nation in a very hostile environment. Like the Marines do.

Benjamin said, “The recruiters are the ones who should have never come in to Berkeley. If whomever in the city wants to stop the protests, they should encourage the recruiters to leave. Democracy comes at a price.”

What a Moonbat.


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