Berkeley War On Marines: The Saga Continues

March 25th, 2008 | by Sqotty |

The Berkeley War with the Marines continues with some new players on the pro-America side, Eagle’s Up, which organized a rally to support the Marines and show the city of Berkeley what a financial burden their decision to ostracize the marines has been on local businesses. The participants in the rally spent between $25,000 and $30,000 in neighboring communities, with the only money spent within Berkeley at a pizza place that supports the marine Recruitment Center. I would like to know the name of that place so I can get a pizza there next time I am in the Bay Area.

There is a stark contrast, both in attitude and costs to the city of Berkeley between the pro-military groups and the Code Pinkos and communism is the ANSWER crowds. The frequent anti-military protests hosted by these pro-terrorist groups and others like them Most important is that the Veteran’s support free speech, while the hard-left pinkos do there utmost to squelch opposing views. Also, more leftists get arrested at their “peaceful demonstrations” than pro-military groups.

From Inside Bay Area:

Capt. Richard Lund at the Marine center said he had no comment on Saturday’s rally. City leaders and police said there were no arrests or problems reported Saturday.

That was in regards to the Eagle’s Up Rally.

On Monday, however, police arrested four CodePink protesters during a rally to mark the 4,000th U.S. troop death in Iraq. Dressed in clothing that appeared to have blood on it, the protesters went into the Marine center, sat down and refused to leave, police said.

And that’s just for one protest. The Code Pinkos have an ongoing event permit, free (other groups must pay a fee for similar permits).

Those arrested were Benjamin, 55, of San Francisco; Suzanne Joi, 57, of Berkeley; Pamela Bennett, 45, of San Francisco; and Mari T. Blome, 52, of El Cerrito. All were in custody and not available for comment late Monday.

Suzanne Joi is the same person referenced in regards to the Berkeley War with the Marines, owner of the It’s her Business antique stores (locations in Berkeley and Albany). She also operates the Bay Area code Pink out of her store in Albany. See Know the Opposition #1 for details on this.

Given the circumstances of the arrest and the Berkeley City councils tacit approval of using any tactics to impede the Marine Corps Recruitment Center, I am surprised that anyone was arrested.

Eagle’s Up has a second rally in the planning which will take one of two forms; a repeat of Saturday’s Berkeley No Spend Zone, or a spend money in Berkeley event. I suspect it will be the former, rather than the latter. Eagle’s Up is also organizing a new event calendar: Patriot Event Network.

There are also numerous reports and photos from last Saturday’s event on their site.


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