Berkely Moonbats Declare Seige On Marines

March 26th, 2008 | by Sqotty |

Zanne Joi and Code Pinko have declared a siege on the Marine Recruitment Center in Berkeley, which may well cost the residents of Berkeley huge amounts of money in police overtime. As long as they (Berkeley residents) foot the bill and don’t come panhandling to the rest of America for a bailout, that’s fine with me. The last report I saw pegged the price of the Code Pinko protests at about $117,000 in police overtime. And that’s just since the end of February.

From CNSNews:

“We’re staying here until the Marines decide to respect the people of Berkeley and what we want in our city,” Zanne Joi, a spokesperson for the anti-war group Code Pink, said in an interview. “We’re a city of peace. We’ve always voted against this war, as a council and as a people.”

I find it odd that Joi can claim “We’ve always voted against this war, as a council and as a people,” when I have never seen a ballot with an entry “for war in Iraq, check here.” As for the Berkeley city council, just because they voted on some non-binding resolution against the war does not mean they have the ability to actually vote against it in any real sense. The determination to go to war with Iraq came from Congress (in a nearly unanimous vote) and the President. City councils don’t get to vote on it. Neither does the American voter.

I would wager that if we did have an opportunity to vote on whether or not to go war with Iraq it wouldn’t have passed. That doesn’t mean that liberating Iraq from totalitarianism was the wrong thing to do. What would have happened if Americans were allowed to vote on our going to war in Europe during WW1? We probably would have stayed home, much to the delight of the average doughboy, many of whom died in the trench wars in France. Sane people don’t want wars. Only fools fail to recognize that sometimes wars need to be fought, and won.

Iraq is a war where we can debate all we want as to whether or not it is a just war. However, we are in this war already, and the right thing to do now is to fight to win and bring our troops home in victory. Iraq is still not quite ready to stand up on its own, although their military is improving tremendously.

No one claims that there were no mistakes made in Iraq. There were, especially in “winning the peace.” Too many delays in getting a provisional Iraqi government off the ground and building up broadcast infrastructure. Mistakes were made in a variety of other ways as well. But we learn from our mistakes. If we don’t learn from them, we are destined to fail.

Abandoning South Vietnam, our ally, to the communists was a huge mistake. Not only for tens of thousands of Vietnamese murdered after the communist takeover, but also for the millions of Cambodians annihilated when the Khmer Rouge seized power in that country as well. Had we stood by South Vietnam, all of those people would not have been murdered by communists.

That is the biggest mistake America made in the 20th Century. We can’t afford a repeat now, in the 21st Century, in Iraq. The people of Iraq can’t afford it either.

“[The Marines] don’t have as much right to be here as I do. It’s not about the Marines’ rights,” she said.

Joi and Code Pink seem to believe that they have more right to be in Berkeley than the Marines. The Marines have put their lives on the line for Americans, including Joi and the Code Pinkos (sounds like a name for a rock band). Has Zanne Joi ever put her life on the line for her country? I would be extremely surprised if she has ever worn a uniform of our nation’s armed forces.

But Joi gets better in her ravings:

“We think we have a lot of rights in this country. We used to have the right to enslave people. We have the right to tell women they don’t have choice. We think we have a right to occupy Iraq! What about the right of the Iraq people to live without Marines attacking them and other military?” Joi added.

Dissecting this bit of Moonbattry, yes, at one point in time during our nation’s history, there was slavery. Many of the Northern states abolished it, some of them before the American Revolution and some after the war for Independence. It took a civil war to end that nasty institution once and for all in the United States. But it ended nearly 150 years ago. The last time I checked women do have a choice, lot’s of choices. I have no idea what she is raving about here. Occupy Iraq? Only so long as the government of Iraq wants the U.S. to have troops there. Why do they always spout off about the “occupation of Iraq,” but never the occupation of Germany, Italy, and Japan for the last 60+ years, or south Korea for the last 50+ years? Do we have a right to occupy those countries? If so, how is it any different than our current troop deployments from Iraq, aside from one being a war zone?

It is that last statement of Joi that I like best: “What about the right of the Iraq people to live without Marines attacking them and other military?” Assuming this is an accurate quote, Joi is claiming that the people of Iraq, assuming she means those other than terrorists, as well as other military (you know, the Army, the Air Force, our British allies, etc.) are being routinely attacked by the Marines.

Berkeley needs a new motto: “Berkeley, California, where Moonbats are welcome, but not the Marines!”


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  2. By Berkeley Marine Sanctuary on Mar 29, 2008 | Reply

    Nice work! I wrote somewhere yesterday that talking with Zanne about the anti-war movement was like talking to Barney about children’s educational television…. she can’t be objective because its her livelihood — but she’s really not a scholar on the subject, either.

  3. By Sqotty on Mar 31, 2008 | Reply

    If you could, post a link to that here in the comments so I can give it a read.



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