Blog Number One In Klingon Empire

March 8th, 2005 | by Sqotty |

Hugh Hewitt’s latest book, Blog has seized the top position on the New Praxis Times Best Seller List. Klingons everywhere have taken to reading it ever since it was revealed that the Klingon Bible Translation Project was referenced in this book on blogosphere battle tactics.

Gallant Klingon warriors, including the likes of JaPa, K’mach and others found studying Blog

Even K’Elvis has been seen with Hewitt’s book, learning new ways to blend blogosphere battle tactics with his hot, uncompromising lyrics.

The Big Kahuna was seen reading it, and has made it required reading for the Klingon Surfer Dudes.

Blog has reached all levels of the Imperial Command Corps, including Admiral Qob, found studying during a lull in his battles against the Federation.

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