City of Oakley Gets It Right

March 31st, 2008 | by Sqotty |

Just when the world thought the Bay Area was comprised of nothing other than leftist nuts and flakes, the city of Oakley, located in the Eastern end of the Bay Area, has passed a proclamation recognizing the contributions of our military and their families. Oakley is showing that there are communities with leaders that can display a voice of reason when it comes to our nation’s Armed forces.

From Inside Bay Area:

The proclamation recognized military contributions, including the sacrifices of soldiers and their families and communities. It further stated that the dedication and selflessness of these soldiers should serve as inspiration to everyone.

“Some of our finest men and women have given their lives in the name of freedom. Through their ultimate sacrifice they have given us a legacy of liberty and brought honor to our flag, our country, and the uniform,” Connelley read.

Other cities like Brentwood have drafted similar proclamations, and Oakley followed suit after the Berkeley City Council’s controversial request for U.S. Marine recruiters to leave the city. Berkeley’s move against the U.S. Marines using a Shattuck Avenue recruiting station led to a nationwide backlash.

Oakley’s proclamation also stated that the military doesn’t choose battles or wars and that those decisions are made by civilian leadership. It further read that policy disagreements should be directed to that leadership and not the nation’s military personnel.

Oakley is just one such community, Brentwood being another nearby East Bay city, that has correctly expressed why the Berkeley City council is way out of hand. As the proclamation states, when you are in the military, you fight the battles you are ordered to fight. It is our civilian leadership, specific the executive and legislative branches, that decide what wars to fight. Congress approved the War to Liberate Iraq; it is the military that executes that war once it is authorized.

Berkeley has gone way beyond the bounds of free speech by giving free reign, and free passes for parking and loudspeaker permits, to extreme anti-military groups like code Pink merely because they oppose the war. It is, as the City of Oakley is pointing out, one thing to oppose a war and something else entirely to oppose the military in general and encourage the use of intimidation and harassment against the United States Marine Corps.

The price of freedom, whether ours here in America or for others, such as those in Iraq, is never cheap. Americans have paid that price throughout the 20th Century, not always happily or willing (like the Vietnam-era draftees), and that price is always high, even if it is only the life of one solider. They are the finest and most courageous of Americans. They should be commended and thanked for their willingness to put their lives on the line for others. That is the American way. THAT is what makes America great.

According to Nix, it is the military that defends the nation’s laws and government and it is wrong to use taxpayer funds to attack them. On the other hand, Nix added that he supported Berkeley’s free speech movement in the late 1960s and called it “a very lively, volatile time.”

Free speech is a wonderful thing. Berkeley has it wrong when it plays favorites by passing out free permits to groups like Code Pink while other groups with opposing views are not granted the same privileges. Berkeley was also wrong in its open condemnation of the Marines and implementing a policy that tolerates the harassment of the Marine Recruiters and those who visit their offices.

Discussing whether or not we should be there is always worth while, but the bottom line is we are there and we need to win this. To do otherwise will condemn Iraq back to the darkness of tyranny and embolden the terrorist enemies of Liberty.

Kudos to the City of Oakley. Maybe the City of Berkeley will learn something from your fine example.


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