D-Day, 68 Years Later

June 6th, 2012 | by Sqotty |

68 years ago today, the Normandy Invasion took place. This would put one of the final nails into the coffin of Hitler’s regime, bring about the liberation of France and the rest of Western Europe, and cost thousands of Allied lives. One of the bloodiest battles in WWII, those who lived through it still remember it.

One article published today was about an Army Medic, who recounts some of the memories of the invasion that haunts him to this day. Reading about Friedenberg’s life, one vivid sees what a living Hell war is.

The tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors, and airmen; the paratroopers, the pathfinders, the tankers, right down to the men driving the landing craft to the beaches. The fighter pilots and the aircrews the bombers and transport aircraft, and the glider pilots and the troops they carried into Harm’s Way. Courageous men all. They fought hard just to stay alive on the beaches until they could breakthrough and move inland.

Too few of the men and women who fought and served in WWII are left. Many of those share their memories. They truly are the Greatest Generation.

Below are a couple of good articles of people who were there, sharing their memories.

Always remember and honor the high price of Liberty, for so many of these brave young men paid that price for us in full.

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