Day at the Fair

August 12th, 2007 | by Sqotty |

I spent a two hour shift working the GOP booth at the Dakota County Fair yesterday. It was a hot day, with temperatures well into the 90s matched with high humidity. anybody who knows me knows that it isn’t the base temperature that gets me, but the humidity (I grew up in Fresno where temps often soared around 110, but there was virtually no humidity). The exhibit hall we were in, not being very well ventilated must have been a lot hotter.

A lot of people who stopped by the booth made it clear that they were against a tax increase to pay for replacing the bridge that collapsed last week over the Mississippi River. The one exception to that was a DFLer who drifted by (their booth was in the next building).

The folks at the Independence Party that I spoke with were finding a similar reaction.

This is more of a reaction of those who are more politically involved than the mainstream.

I did have a number of good conversations with folks about other things, making the time go by fairly quickly.

Before taking over the booth, my wife, daughter and I spent the afternoon looking around at the various exhibits and livestock barns. Anna, not quite two yet, demonstrated her animal sounds for other fair goers. She is especially good at saying what the sheep says: Baaaaa! And loudly. she also said “hot” for the first time, in response to the pizza we had for dinner at the fair.

The Fair itself was not as well attended for a Saturday as in the past. This may be a function of the heat and humidity, and the threat of rain, which proved to be much more than a threat, as a storm was closing in at about 8:15 PM.

By that time, I had rejoined my wife, Sue, and our daughter, Anna, and we elected to high tail it out of there before the storm hit. The parking lot looked as though we weren’t alone in that decision.

We had not gone far down the road when the storm hit with a vengeance. Heavy rain and high winds. We good see pieces of tree limbs, small stuff, being blown around the roads all of the way home. It made for ugly, and dangerous, driving conditions.

Surprisingly we saw a lot of deer, including fawns, running around in the weather. We would have thought that they would be under cover somewhere.

This morning, taking the dogs out for their walkies, I spotted a tree was blown down onto the road we live on. I would be very surprised if that is the only tree that was knocked down in last night’s storm. Total rainfall from that storm was 1.25 inches. Not much rain considering the ferocity of that storm.


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