Dear Comrade Obama: 2

February 15th, 2012 | by Sqotty |

Dear Comrade:

How delightful to see you taking a play out of my favorite book, 1984, and creating your own Ministry of Truth to combat the vile and contemptible lies of the rabid right-wing lunatics that infests your land. The Power to rule over the American People will only remain yours so long as you can stay in the Oval Office. And your Ministry of Truth will be one more way to confound those in the middle and blight your political enemies.

With this new organization you can now, with authority of a Ministry of Truth, declare that claims of adding some $5 Trillion dollars to the U.S. debt is a lie and it is all Bush’s fault.

And should the zealots on the right claim that you are the only president to have a Trillion Dollar Budget deficit, you can blame Bush and claim that his 2009 budget deficit of $550 billion dollars is underestimated as it did not include the $787 billion ARRA and $410 billion Omnibus Spending Bill, even though they were passed after Bush left office, these deficits are obviously Bush’s fault.

When you are criticized for escalating troop deployments to Afghanistan and an increase in American casualties there, you can honestly say it is Bush’s fault, as it was Bush who involved the American People there in the first place.

There are many things that the right-wing capitalist scum will claim and with your Ministry of Truth assert that the Tea Party Racists are spreading more lies about you with the confidence of knowing that what you are doing is best for yourself and your fellow travelers.

Do not falter and remember, if you say it often enough and loud enough, and with the power of a Ministry of Truth, then people will believe it and blame it all on Bush.

Your friend,

Joseph Stalin

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