Deployment is for Sheep?

July 11th, 2008 | by Sqotty |

There is an article being carried on McClatchy about a man, Francisco Martinez, who returned to military service after his only son was killed in Iraq by a sniper. We should honor his sacrifice, his courage, and his integrity. Mourn with him the loss of his son, and respect his decision to, once again, don the uniform of our Armed forces and serve his country. I certainly do.

I don’t know what it is like to lose a child under any circumstances, let alone in war. I hope and pray I never have to.

What shocks and disgusts me is the response to those on the hard-Left, and how they respond to one man’s decision to serve in Iraq.

The article from Forth Worth is simple enough. Martinez chose to re-enter the Air force, as a part of the Reserves, after a 17-year break in service. His most recent decision, to volunteer for service in Iraq, is one of the most honorable acts a man can make. From the McClatchy website:

As a condition for her support, he promised his wife, Maria, that he wouldn’t volunteer for a tour in Iraq, that he would only go if ordered. But Martinez broke his promise this year and raised his hand, hating that he broke his word but feeling that he could not honorably serve with people doing more than him.

It was, no doubt a tough decision to make, and breaking a promise made to one’s wife is not done lightly, and I have no doubt that Martinez will continue to receive the love and support of his wife, despite his breaking that promise. I agree with his reasoning, and will pray for his safe return. Martinez is a man of honor and integrity. A Patriot. Especially since in the originating article it states that Martinez opposed the war in Iraq before the death of his son. This makes his choice to serve even more profound.

The shock comes from the first reader comment following the article. it was posted by someone calling himself “lifeofliberty.” Does this fool actually know what a “life of liberty” is? He wrote:

You are apparently a sheep that does not retain any ability to think for yourself and to examine the true reasons why America went to war in Iraq. You think you are disgusted with those that oppose war, how do you suppose we feel about sheep such as yourself that are willing to let a callous and indifferent government send you off to die?

People are entitled to an opinion, but this disrespectful rant goes beyond what his considered acceptable. This Moonbat, who probably never served in the Armed Forces, has no concept of what is at stake. Nowhere in the original article does Martinez state that he is “disgusted with those that oppose war.” I have no problem with people who protest the war, just what they present as “facts,” like exaggerated numbers of those killed in Iraq; or when they spew hatred against the military, calling them war criminals; or making unsubstantiated claims about the lead into the war; or other Moonbatry.

Lifeofliberty continues his rant:

It is IMPOSSIBLE to serve this country or the Constitution if you are engaged in a FOREIGN war. I won’t go into the illegality of this particular American invasion of Iraq (obviously, not the first time), as the war supporters aren’t interested in hearing the facts.

Actually, the U.S. has yet to fight an “illegal” war. Quite frankly, it is those on the hard-Left that do not want to listen to facts. They much prefer to tout the lie of “600,000” killed in Iraq, and attribute those deaths to the U.S., not to the terrorists. We have engaged in a number of foreign wars, like WW1 and WW2, both of which were declared wars. Is this Moonbat asserting that these foreign wars were unconstitutional?

Further down in his comments he slams SSgt. Martinez personally. Lifeofliberty also claims to be a veteran, but I have my doubts about that, as well.

As a final note, SSgt. Martinez is a man of honor and courage. He may not agree that we should be in Iraq, but he is doing something I have not done: re-enter military service and volunteer for duty in Iraq. Take care and come home safe.


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