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September 3rd, 2010 | by Sqotty |

I ran across a recent op-ed by SF author Alan Dean Foster on the NY Times website today. He makes a couple of interesting points about Arizona’s immigration enforcement law, SB 1070.

The part of the law not blocked by a federal judge has been in force for over a week now, though no one I know has seen any signs of it in action. Still, there have been reports of arrests and a lot of angry calls to both the federal courthouse and Gov. Jan Brewer’s office. Most people in the country have heard about that kind of thing on the news. What they don’t seem to know much about is how regular Arizonans feel about the law.

If you think angry white guys who sleep with M16’s and whose six-packs are in their pickups as opposed to on their torsos are the ones angriest at illegal immigration in Arizona, then you haven’t talked to the legal immigrants here. Did everything the hard way, they say. Earned the right to be called an American.

Many of them resent those who crossed the border illegally, but they also sympathize. You can’t be human and not feel for someone who only wants to make a little money to send back home.

He’s right in that most of the pundits out there haven’t asked many, if any, regular Arizonans how they feel about the Arizona law requiring law enforcement officers to do what is all ready codified in Federal law. The only Arizona friends I have (I can’t count Alan and JoAnn as friends, even though we met a few times in the ’80s…I wonder if they remember me), are on the same side as I am on this issue.

By and large, though, from the people I have heard from who have come to this country legally, going through all of the hoops to gain entry (that includes health screenings for things like tuberculosis, a disease that has had a resurgence with the influx of illegal aliens who bypass such health screenings), are supportive of the Arizona law, as are many Americans, especially those who live along the border.

Yes, I can sympathize with people who want to come here to lead a better life, especially as America is still the number one beacon of Liberty in the world. Who wouldn’t want to escape poverty and build a better future for their children? Isn’t that part of the American Dream?

The reason Arizona took the initiative with their SB 1070 is because of the Federal Government’s FAILURE to enforce our immigration laws. The Feds, under Obama, have even failed to complete the border security fence as required by LAW. Many cities have put their citizens at risk by becoming sanctuary cities for criminal aliens, further making a law like Arizona’s SB1070 a necessity.

If the Feds had been doing their job for the last 20+ years and enforced our laws, if voters ousted politicians that turned their communities into sanctuaries for drug runners, gangs, fraudsters, and other criminal aliens, if the border security fence had been completed as the law requires, ARIZONA WOULD NOT BE A WAR ZONE WITH THE MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS. And that is the biggest reason we need the enforcement.

Most reasonable people support immigration under our current laws. They don’t need to be fixed; they don’t need to be changed. They do need to be enforced. And let only those people who are willing to comply with our laws, and pass the various screenings (especially criminal background checks) come into our country and enjoy the fruits of Liberty.

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