Hertzler Proposes Doing Klingon Graphic Novels

November 7th, 2003 | by Sqotty |

J.G. Hertzler (Martok) has pitched the concept of a Klingon graphic novel series to Paramount. This is off of Trek Today.

Speaking with DreamWatch magazine, Hertzler said the potential series would keep the focus squarely on the Klingons with “Star Trek somwhere in the back story”. He stressed the premise is “mainly about the Klingon experience and the point of it is to tell tremendously good sci-fi stories”.

Paramount is reportedly “interested” in the graphic novel series, but has yet to sign on the dotted line. To increase the marketability of the books and fulfill his vision for the series, the actor wants to bring artist David Mack onto the project.

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