MarCon 44 AER

May 29th, 2009 | by Sqotty |

Elements of the IKV Rakehell rendezvoused with the JaPa, the Cold Death Quadrant commander, and additional elements of the CDQ (Black Thunder, Ice Dagger, Phantom Cat, Warhammer) at MarCon 44/KAG Attacks! in Columbus, Ohio.

Sue’La, Bindi, and myself, arriving later than planned due to an unscheduled trip to the ER (Little Miss took a fall down a staircase at the hotel we stayed at en route, and ended up with a bump on her forehead‚Ķfortunately, it was not serious), found ourselves at the con with everything in full swing. Due to the delay, I missed some of the panels I wanted to see on Friday. Okay, ALL of the panels I wanted to see on Friday!

Mordok joined me on my panel on non-genre films SF Fans should see. It was a small turnout, considering it was already 10PM and up against the parties. However, it was a lively discussion and many films were recommended by those in attendance. At the same time, Qob, with assistance from Qe’Pa, ran a panel on “Getting a Head in the Klingon Empire,” a discussion/demo on doing Klingon makeup, that was well attended.

After these panels, most of the Rakehell, along with the Black Thunder and many other far-travelling KAG members, found ourselves in the KAG suite where I produced a bottle of 17 year old Glen Goyne Single Malt Scotch, while Korvas produced a bottle of Stag’s Breath. There was also Moxie to be drunk, and other intoxicants. Many great conversations during this casual get together, as it was the first time many of us had met face-to-face. It was 2AM before I returned to our room to crash. Bindi was still up and lively.

Getting up way too early on Saturday, I headed down for the KAG general assembly where discussions on KAG and various awards were given as well as promotions and recognitions made. Death howls for two departed comrades were made. There was a guy from one of the local TV stations there as well.

A challenge was issue in the form of participating in the blood drive: KAG vs. all other clubs combined. KAG won with 13 warriors shedding their blood for the cause, versus a mere 7 between ALL of the other clubs combined.

IN the afternoon, the grand assembly (and photo op) on the BIG stair case was the place to be. This was the ceremony where Kerla handed over the reins of running KAG to her successor, Krikor. Many banners were displayed and many rousing speeches were made. Special thanks to Karl Sherman who took pictures with my camera, and Zaheer, who put my wife’s camera to use, for this event.

The masquerade was well attended and had a number of great entries. No idea what the results were as I had to duck out early to go help prep for the KAG party.

The KAG party was THE place to be on Saturday night. In fact, I don’t think there were any other parties, despite rumors that there was something called “Bar Fleet” down the hall. I never made it out of our suite. Many KAG members supplied the party with a variety of consumables, from the aforementioned Moxie, to Bloodwine, Andorian Yer In, Romulan Ale, Single Malt Scotch, Hot Sex (the Rakehell’s flagship drink), and much, much more. The room was packed tight with the many people who were there. Then there was the chocolate ceremony! Kris, the founder of KAG, supplied several 10 pound chocolate bars for the event. KAG took two prizes for best party during MarCon: best Saturday night party (okay, maybe there were other parties, but ours was the place to be!), and best themed party. This is thanks to the many KAG members who supplied banners, decorations, and all the other things that goes into making a great party the BEST!

Sunday: finally got to see a panel that I wasn’t involved with, this was on steampunk costuming (visualize Steampunk Klingon!), and I got to see the dealers room. MarCon has an excellent dealer’s room, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I never made it into the art show.

(photo gallery at end of post)

Sunday night was capped off with dinner at a local Mongolian BBQ. I don’t know who started the spitball fight, but it pretty much ended when they seated some mundane at the next table to us (directly down range from me). Many of us die-hard’s lounged around the lobby and bid farewell to those departing that evening.

The convention site was a good layout, with a food court adjacent, giving us ready access to eats outside of the hotel’s restaurant.

This was a great convention, and the KAG anniversary was darn good as we were able to meet so many people and forge new friendships. Attendance included members from Canada, the U.S. (coast to coast), and Germany (Athena!). The camaraderie, conversations, antics and good times were the stuff of legend and much honor was heaped upon those in attendance. All that was missing were the many members of KAG who could not attend.


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    Great pics all the way around. qathlo’. And the Scotch was most tasty.

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