MarsCon, May 2001

December 1st, 2003 | by Sqotty |

The IKV RakeHell put on a performance of Kahless in Wonderland. What a hoot! They had all kinds ofn die-tie, hippish costumes, crossed with Alice in Wonderland. The starting point is Woodstock, on Mars. Kahless is off to the battle of the bands, and is tripping off on smoked kipper. Kahless is telling the story of his adventures in Wonderland, meeting the Cheshire Kzinti, and battling the queen of hearts.

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After Kahless defeats the queen of hearts, we are treated to the story of Moby Hare, where the crew of the RakeHell are hunting the great white rabbit. After the hunters killed Dr. Scott, who was describing the anatomy of the great white rabbit, the performance moved on to the story of Tweedle Dumb and Dumber, who were tripping out on more smoked kipper, speculating how they would cease to exist if the dreamer wakes, and watching STV for the umpteenth time, then threatening to put other really bad films on the video.

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The show ended with a rousing Klingon version of White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane). Colorful, hilarious performance by the local KAG ship. The question now is, when will the video be out!

The Masquerade was the best I had seen in years, especially since this type of activity had been scaled back in the Bay Area in recent years. Some of the highlights were: Mom the Pokeman Slayer, Captain Proton and the Linux Penguin (making the desktop safe for humanity).

The Saturday night party scene was awesome, with the RakeHell crew singing protest songs (“Give War a Chance”) and drinking their trademark drink of choice (you’ll have to come to one of their parties to find out what that is). Of course, the local Feddies, in their pajamas, held their own party, Tribble Town, right next door.

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