Minneapolis Protestors Arrested at ANG Recruitment Office

March 28th, 2008 | by Sqotty |

I heard about this protest and subsequent arrests at a Minneapolis Recruitment Center on the radio during my commute in to work this morning and had to fish around to find details on the news.

From MN Daily:

Police arrested 16 protesters who entered the Washington Avenue Army National Guard recruitment office on trespassing charges, a misdemeanor, Minneapolis Police Sgt. Jesse Garcia said. Two of the arrested were juveniles.

An Anti-War Committee news release said the protesters at the office were “disrupting its recruitment functions and refusing to leave.”

Minneapolis protest

Unlike the City of Berkeley, the Minneapolis police are willing to do their duty and arrest protestors for criminal behavior. Sure, it’s only a misdemeanor, not an earth-shattering felony, but the police are doing their job and thus far the city council has not pulled a Berzerkely by authorizing the use of any means to disrupt military recruitment centers.

I am not sure who this “Anti-War Committee” is, or anything about the other groups involved, except what is in the article.

One of those arrested, Tracy Molm, is an officer in the local chapter of Students for a Democratic Society, whatever that is.

At Army and Navy recruiting offices across the street from where the arrests were made, Macalester College students gathered to shut down the center.

About 10 protesters from the school used bike locks and PVC pipes to chain themselves to the office’s doors and wouldn’t speak to media or police.

It is unclear why these kids were not arrested as well.

Minneapolis protest

And of course, the Moonbats have their own ideas on where money spent on liberating Iraq should be spent:

The money going to the war should be used to keep tuition at the University down, said University student Erika Zurawski, who moderated between speakers.

“Every dollar spent could provide free education so that students can be students and not workers while they are trying to be students,” she said.

That bit about not having to be workers while going to school is laughable. Nothing like showing your own self-centeredness while “striking a blow for freedom.” I worked my way through college the entire time, including during my time in the Air Force. Sure, it would be nice to have just been able to be a student, but then I would probably have ended up as brainwashed and brain-dead as they anti-war protestors. Actually, when I was still living at home, one of the stipulations my parents made on paying my for my college education was that I must also have a job. Seemed pretty fair to me.

These students, like the Code Pinkos in Berkeley, can protest all they want. Free speech is good for America. However, when they deliberately trespass and violate the law, you should go to jail; do not pass go, do not collect tuition dollars. They need to learn that their free speech rights end when it infringes on the rights of others. Including those who may wich to enlist in the Armed forces.


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