Minnesota Soldier Receives Surprise Homecoming

May 1st, 2008 | by Sqotty |

KARE 11 news is running a piece on the homecoming of Ken Melrose, a sergeant in the National Guard who has just returned from duty in Iraq. The story mentions that his house in St. Cloud was rented out during his deployment and that the renters had trashed the place. His mother had the rats evicted, but was faced with a huge cleanup and repair.

Thank God she was not alone. Members of his community and the Patriot Guard pitched in to repair the damage, with materials supplied by local merchants.

From KARE 11:

Sgt. Melrose was aware some folks had volunteered to help clean up his house. But he didn’t expect new flooring, furniture, drapes and appliances. “Wow,” his voice cracked as he walked out on his new deck.

“He didn’t have a deck before,” explained his mom. Sgt. Melrose walked back in the house appearing to wipe away a tear. “I’ve got a lot of thank you cards to write,” he said.

Here is the accompnaying video

My hat is off to all those who helped give Sgt. Melrose a great homecoming, and my thanks to Sgt. Melrose for serving our country. And welcome home!



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