New Movie Justifies Eco-Terrorism

May 1st, 2006 | by Sqotty |

There is a new movie opening soon, and it has been labeled “soft eco-terrorism,” whatever that emans.

CNS has this report on the film:

The movie, "Hoot," opens Friday May 5. It features environmentally conscious teenage characters vandalizing heavy machinery by stealing parts off of them and flattening tires in order to hinder a development project.

The teens, who ultimately succeed in halting the project, spray paint a police car that is providing security, trespass, rip up surveyors’ stakes, place alligators in portable toilets, release poisonous Cottonmouth snakes at the construction site and evade the police. The teenagers also debate stealing the construction trailer and sinking it into a nearby canal to further delay the project.

The teenagers in the PG-rated movie face no repercussions for the illegal acts and instead are portrayed as heroically preventing the construction of a pancake house in South Florida to save the owls’ habitat. There are consequences, however, for the pancake company.

Criminal behavior is still criminal behavior, regardless of what excuse someone uses to attempt to “legitimize” their actions.

The movie, based on a novel by Carl Hiaasen, portrays the developers as the bad guys, ending in their arrest, while the terrorist chickens, er, kids, get away with a variety of crimes, including vandalizing police cars.

Shriner contests the labeling of th film as a film about eco-terrorism, and siad:

"I call it more mischief. Pulling some stakes out and slowing down construction, putting an alligator in a toilet — that is sort of mischievous,"

Let’s see, alligators in toilets, and earlier on in the report, it is mentioned these young terrorists (oops, “vigilantes”) released deadly cottonmouth snakes. It’s amazing no one was hurt!

Okay, if the developer had actually broken any environmental laws, he should go to jail. However, the punk terrorists should be thrown in jail on terrorism charges.

Kind of reminds me of the episode of Star Trek: Enterprise when Archer robs a bank and steals a truck, with no remorse, just a side comment of “and people used ot go to jail for this.”

“Hoot” is yet more liberal tripe being pumped out of Hollywood, the land where black is white, up is down, and left is right. Go figure.

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