No Jail Time for Peter Watts

April 28th, 2010 | by Sqotty |

Well, I was wrong. Peter Watts, the B-list SF author from Canada convicted for assaulting an officer (resistance, etc.) did, in fact, show up for sentencing this week. I don’t know if he knew he was going to get off with a fine only and no jail time in advance of his sentencing, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt (unlike how he treats his detractors on his profanity laced blog).

From The Times Herald (soon to be archived and inaccessible without a fee):

Circuit Judge James Adair said Peter Watts was the kind of guy with whom he’d like to share a beer and conversation.

“Sir, you’ve been a puzzle for me throughout (the case),” Adair said Monday before sentencing the Toronto author.

Watts, a science-fiction writer, was sentenced to 60 days in the county jail, with the sentence suspended upon payment of all fines. Fines and fees included $68 in state minimum costs, $60 for crime victim rights, $1,000 in court costs and $500 in fines.

A little over $1,600 is chump change for someone like Watts, but I wasn’t the one making the decision on what is an appropriate sentence/fine. What I really like is this quote:

He (Mullkoff, Watts’ attorney) added Watts already was being punished before the sentencing had been delivered, because he no longer would be able to travel into the United States with the felony conviction. Mullkoff said Watts’ ailing brother lives in New York and he often attended conferences and had business dealings in the United States.

Suffered enough? Wah! This isn’t suffering, this is losing a privilege.

I am not sure about how long the travel ban to the U.S. will last, or if it can/will be lifted at some point in the future. If he has an “ailing brother” in New York, I’d have no problem with his getting to go and visit him. As for conferences and business dealings, we’re talking about Science Fiction Conventions. Now, I go to several cons a year myself. Watts not being able to attend is no loss to me, and it isn’t like there aren’t any cons in Canada or other countries.

It looks as though this story is now closed and we can move on to more important issues and fun things. Or I can go back to palying WoW.


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