Obama Political Failures #35

June 18th, 2012 | by Sqotty |

Obama went Pinocchio at a recent fundraiser when he claimed, once again, that he inherited a Trillion dollar deficit from Bush. Lies, lies, and damned lies. Fact: The 2009 budget that Obama “inherited” from Bush contained a $550 billion deficit, not a trillion dollar deficit by half. Obama, Pelosi and Reid, the Trinity of Spending, added $787 Billion (ARRA) in deficit spending AFTER Bush left office, and then continued their spending spree with an additional $410 Billion (Omnibus Spending Bill) in deficit spending. That’s over a trillion dollars in deficit spending that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid created, not Bush.

Obama is the only president in the history of our country to have budget deficits that exceed a trillion dollars. No president prior to Obama has had a budget deficit much higher than half that, $500 billion, and that was bad enough. But to blame others for deficits that Obama, Reid and Pelosi created? Despicable!

Obama also said, and you’ll love this (Washington Examiner):

“Those of us who have spent time in the real world understand that the problem is not that the American people aren’t productive enough.”

Obama has never spent any time working in the “real world”. Obama, unlike Romney, or Ron Paul, or a host of others on the political Right, has never produced anything. Except more government debt. In fact, Obama has added over $5 Trillion to the Federal debt in less than four years; for perspective, it took Bush eight years to add roughly that much to the Federal debt.

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