October 21st, 2007 | by Sqotty |

My wife and daughter came back from their extended trip to California (I had been back a week already) on Wednesday night after a grueling flight home. The flight, like so many of them, and all flights involved in this recent trip, suffered huge delays. It was past midnight before we got home.

With there return and other events on the agenda, this has really crimped my writing time down to nearly zip. I’d rather have them back and zero time to write than still be pining away for their safe return.

There’s been a lot to write about. Unfortunately, close to zero time to do so.

Some quick notes:

Barbara Boxer, California’s #1 Moonbat, is elated that Al “Carbon Bigfoot” Gore has received the Nobel Peace Prize for his propaganda work on Global Warming.

Northfield, Minnesota, continues to play host to a weekly pro-terrorist rally on Saturdays. What do you expect from a small city with two liberal Liberal Arts Colleges in town.

Bobby Jindal, Republican, wins the governorship of Louisiana, becoming the youngest governor at the age of 36. The son of Indian immigrants, this is someone who knows how to live the American Dream.

And this week I spotted two Bald Eagles and a Golden Eagle flying around my house. You can’t see that in California!


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