Review: A Song In Stone

March 5th, 2009 | by Sqotty |

A Song in Stone by Walter Hunt is a story about a 21st century man, Ian Graham, who finds himself locked in Medieval France on the path to becoming a Templar, weeks before the Templar order is banned and many of its members tortured and killed. It’s not quite science fiction, not quite fantasy, but these elements combine with the historical backdrop to make it a complex and compelling story.

Ian Graham is a television talking head who is slated to look at Rosslyn Chapel and its history. His visit to Rosslyn and a bang on the head propels him to the year 1307 in Santiago, Spain, where he meets two of the men he met at Rosslyn. They are on the Path of Light, the path of initiation into the Templar order.

As the story progresses, much of the action moves to France, where Ian and his guide Rob, find several Holy Relics and must transport them to safety and out of reach of the King of France. All this time they are pursued by the sorcerer de Bec, who is tracking them using mystical powers through France.

Each stop on the Path of Light we learn more about Ian Graham, his past, and how he deals with his unanswered question: “Why me?”

It is an intriguing read, with fine prose and excellent descriptions of the trip through Medieval Europe with some very interesting twists, turns and a revelation at the end.

Walter spent a great deal of time researching the Scottish vernacular for the character of Ian Graham, as well as the Templar order and Medieval France adding richness and depth to the story.

Walter has also added a glossary for A Song in Stone on his website. Be sure to check it out as you read this excellent novel.


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