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January 30th, 2018 | by Sqotty |

Spoilers abound

Okay, I admit it, I am a bit disappointed with The Last Jedi. Question – am I the only person around who thought they were watching a bad remake of The Empire Strikes Back? The parallels between the two films are numerous. Seriously, the Empire has found the Rebel base, the Rebel Alliance is forced to flee. Jedi wannabe seeks out and finds Jedi Master for training. Empire sets trap for Jedi wannabe, and nearly succeeds. Jedi Master joins the force. There are more. The only thing missing was Kylo Ren telling Rey “I am your brother”, which, I guess, they are saving that for the next film.

There are also numerous plot holes, may big enough to drive a Mac trunk through. Poe is snarky, and should have atomized in the opening battle. But, hey, I wasn’t in command, otherwise he would have toasted. Since Poe survived this film, hopefully they will make some improvements to the character.

Bombers in space. Seriously? Seriously. Microgravity activated bombs, and the bombardier is not affected by the vacuum of space while in the bomb bay with the bombs. Ugh! They spent too much time watching Twelve O’clock High (which is a fantastic movie), and not enough time developing an interesting and unique story.

Leia is sucked out into the vacuum of space and somehow is able to use the Force to survive.

And so it goes.

On the upside, Finn is still a fairly decent character, and John Boyega does a good job. There is a problem with how the character is treated early on when he is in a healing tank of some sort, for snarky comedy relief, which wasn’t necessary.

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, is okay. Driver, outside of Star Wars, has done a few incredible things with his life that needs to be pointed out, most specifically founding Arts in the Armed Forces. As for the Force Awakens, there are some scenes were he does a very good job. The problem for him is how Kylko Ren is written, which comes off as a spoiled brat who likes to throw temper tantrums. But there are times where the script gives a better, more interesting view of the character of Kylo Ren, especially in the flashback scene with Luke Skywalker.

Meanwhile, Skywalker is a bit of a curmudgeon, but that’s okay, it actually worked for me. Mark Hamill does some good stuff with the role, but I wish they had handle the ending conflict between Skywalker and Kylo Ren differently.

Other than the plot holes and the feeling I was watching The Empire Strikes Back (and wishing it were as good as Empire), it is an okay movie, and it is best seen on the big screen. Also, you should decide for yourself it is a great film, or if I am calling it right.

Maybe, just maybe, the next entry into the franchise will be better. One could hope.

Final note, the end credits has a tribute for Carrie Fisher who passed away before its release, and a nice, appropriate tribute to boot.

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