SCOTUS ObamaCare Decision Gives Congress Unlimited Power

July 3rd, 2012 | by Sqotty |

It is agreed, historically, that the Founding Fathers crafted a Federal Government that was limited in power, with powers defined in Article 1, Section 8, and the vast majority of power resided either with the States or were retained by the People themselves.

I have watched for years now as our Federal Government grew in both scope and power. Now, with the Surpeme Court upholding ObamaCare as Constitution through Congresses taxing authority, the Federal Government has been granted unlimited power over the People.

Never before has Congress been able to force law-biding Americans to buy a product. Now, thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts, Congress has that ability merely by adding a tax as a penalty for failure to purchase a product.

What’s next? Are they going to require us to buy a Government Motors car or hit us with a tax penalty if we don’t? Or maybe require homeowners to purchase solar panels for our homes, and if we choose not to, hit us with a tax penalty?

Government is the use of force, and the tax code is the ultimate force of government in the United States. I guess this explains why a couple of years back the IRS bought hundreds of shotguns to arm their agents; they had to gear up in order to enforce ObamaCare.

Unlimited power over the people: Now that Congress has been guaranteed the power to tax people if they refuse to buy a product, and this is an annual tax until you capitulate in buying said product, they (congress) can also tax you for owning a product they wish to restrict the ownership of, such as guns. Sure, the Second Amendment says you can own a gun, but now Congress can tax you annually for said ownership. Just like we now pay property taxes on our homes and farms and offices and stores.

The Libertarian movement has proclaimed that “taxation is slavery”, and they are right. Let’s face it; The Power to Tax is the Power to Enslave. And the Power to Enslave us all is what Chief Justice John Roberts has handed over to Congress.

Thanks a lot, you jerk.

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