October 7th, 2005 | by Sqotty |

Serenity is the theatrical film follow-on to the brilliant, but short-lived, Firefly TV series of a few years ago. Back on the screen is the full cast from the series, reprising their roles.

After the initial plot set up, the film opens with the crew of Serenity executing thier latest “job”, now reduced to robberies. They land on a backwater planet, and execute the heist. As all things are for mal and his crew, things go wrong when the Reavers, the boogeymen of deep space in the series, show up to raid the same town. They narrowly escape.

After their getaway, things begin to look a little better for the band of brigands, only to change for the worse.

The film itself is a well crafted piece of work. The special effects are as good as they come, the writing solid, with a little through-back to the TV series where the humor is concerned.

Serenity also provides details of the formation of Josh Whedon’s backdrop universe for the Firefly series, explaining much that was left unanswered in the TV series. Note: it is helpful to have seen a fair amount of the Firefly series to understand some of what is going on, but it isn’t neccessary.

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