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May 7th, 2008 | by Sqotty |

I ran across something new called My Mini city. It is a game in which you create a virtual city and then get people to come visit it by clicking a link in order to build up the population. As the population builds, various other aspects are introduced to develop your city: Industry, transportation, security, etc. The one limitation with city creation is that you are limited to creating it on Earth. Not very limiting for most people, but for SF fans, well, why can’t we build on Qo’noS ,or Alderran (before it is demolished to make room for a hyperspace bypass).

Each city also has a little message board by which the inhabitants can communicate with each other by.

I figured what the heck and created the city Sto-vo-kor (please stop in for a visit), locating it in Australia, which seemed to be as likely a spot for a mythical Klingon land. The stats as I am writing this is currently at 4 inhabitants, which mean three people have visited it. The system limits activity to one pre person/per day, but it is unclear if it is tied to the

IP address of a computer or to the MAC address. I suspect the former, rather than the latter, as it is easier to code against an IP address.

The site overall boasts some 200 million people a world comprised of about 2 million cities. That’s about 100 people per city. The site is fairly new, so I suspect these numbers will change over time. It is also unclear if that is one action per city/per person/per day.

The one thing that bothers me is that on the map board is a little cursor-like thing with a header printed in Spanish and there isn’t a translation. It looks to be fairly straight forward feature for moving around the landscape, and is probably used for developing the other city features as they become available. That’s just a guess at this point.

On the serious downside, I have been unable to locate a FAQ on how My Mini City works; things like at what population levels different features become available.


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