The Corps Review

August 11th, 2007 | by Sqotty |

I’ve not had as much time to write as I have been furiously reading to finish the current book on my shelf. The good news is I finished reading it. The bad news is it isn’t the new Harry Potter book.

In Danger’s Path by W.E.B Griffin is the 8th book in his The Corps series. There are two more in the series to go, but this one is a good stopping point as it ends mid-1943 and the next book in the series picks up with the beginning of the Korean War, which is a bit of a disappointment as there is so much he could do with World War 2.

The series as a whole is excellent reading with characters that are interesting and inspiring, especially the central character of the series, Killer McCoy. All of the cast of people in this series go through a number of life changing events and develop quite nicely, with the probable exception of the one despicable character in the series, Macklin, who was designed to be disliked.

Having read the first eight book, the WW2 sequence, straight through, is the way to go. You will spot a few inconsistencies, but those can be ignored and just enjoy the books for what they are: Darn good reading.

In Danger’s Path is a book that wanted to be longer. Reading it, you can feel the need for it to be a couple of hundred pages longer and not be bored with it. It focuses around an operation to set up a clandestine weather station in the Gobi Desert and the rescuing of a group of U.S. military personnel and their families who escaped the Japanese occupation of China by hiding out in the Gobi.

The series is more about the politics of running the war and the personal lives of those who lived through it than it is about the firing of guns, although you get a spattering of that, too.

All in all, a good read, and now that I am at a breaking point, I can sit down and read Harry Potter. Finally!

I do wish that W.E.B. Griffin would complete the WW2 sequence.


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