The Incredibles

November 9th, 2004 | by Sqotty |

The latest release from Pixar is The Incredibles is, well, incredible. It starts out simple enough; Super Hero, Mr. Incredible is on his way to his own wedding when a call for help comes up on his radio. Deciding he has enough time to help out, he changes into his super-persona and starts helping those in need, from the little old lady whose cat is stuck in a tree to the police on a high speed chase, Mr. Incredible lends a hand.

But he doesn’t stop there, as more and more cries for help emanate within the city, and in the process he saves a man who is attempting to kill himself, and prevent a major train wreck.

He makes it to his wedding, gets married, and low and behold, gets sued by the man who was dead set on suicide. This causes a torrent of litigation against superheroes everywhere, and the government steps in, settling the suits, and implementing a “Super Hero Relocation” project, where all those with super powers attempt to live a normal life.

Fifteen years go by, and our hero is stuck in a dead-end job that he hates, while trying to balance out his desire to help people in need. He yearns for the glory days. After accidentally throwing his boss thru several walls, and hospitalizing him in the process, Bob Parr is fired.

As fate would have it, though, he receives a strange message from a beautiful woman with an offer of employment for one Mr. Incredible, working to bring a berserk robot under control. He accepts the offer, and lies to his wife, Elastigirl, and travels to save the day for his undisclosed benefactor on some remote island. He’s back at what he loves. Even though Mr. Incredible has reached “middle-age” with all its physical fun, he manages to defeat the robot without destroying it utterly.

Returning home, still unemployed, but with ample money to keep the family going, he begins training again, getting back into shape, looking forward to the day when he can once again don his uniform and do good.

The film has many underlying themes, most significant of which is a pro-family/marriage stand, where wife Elastigirl is a stay-at-home mom taking care of their three children, and managing to keep the home front going. She is as strong and smart as she is tender and loving. The kids are typical kids their age, even though they have super powers of their own.

When Elastigirl discovers her husband has been lying to her, she takes off after him, leaving the kids behind, only to discover that they tagged along, leaving baby Jack-Jack with a sitter.

The movie is full of surprises, good humor, and solid family values. Give it a view. You’ll find it Incredible!

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