The Mighty Thor and Beta Ray Bill

August 12th, 2020 | by Sqotty |

One of the things I like about Marvel Unlimited is being able to read old comics, not just ones I have in my collection, but also comics I’ve never read. But this article is not about Marvel Unlimited, it is about the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill.

I am not sure why I got the wild burr to read this story line from 1983, but I am glad I did. I’ve always been a fan of The Mighty Thor and had been working (okay, more like slogging) my way through Journey Into Mystery with Thor, then decided to skip ahead to the Beta Ray Bill story line. The story begins with Thor #337 and runs for four issues, written and drawn by Walt Simonson. Simonson’s art for Thor is gorgeous, well worth checking out for that reason alone. The writing is also top notch, which is why I like comics from this era the best.

The background is SHIELD dispatches Thor to intercept a strange spacecraft as only Thor can do, and there Thor encounters the ship Scuttlebutt, and automated AI controlled battleship. When Thor enters the ship, it releases the deep-sleep guardian, Beta Ray Bill, who battles Thor to a standstill, and inadvertently picks up Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. This marked the first time in the history of Thor that Mjolnir has found another being to be worthy of its power.

Many battles, and a lot of backstory, Odin determines that both Thor and Beta Ray Bill are worthy of the power of Mjolnir, and so has a new hammer fabricated for Bill. Long story short.

There is also backstory on the doings in Asgard with Balder the Brave and another new character Lorelie (but that’s another story).

Thor continues to be one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. Along with Doctor Strange, Nick Fury, and a host of others. If you have access to these issues of Thor, give them a read. Check it out on Marvel Unlmited if you have access, or look for good reading copies somewhere.

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