The Punisher Rocks!

February 16th, 2011 | by Sqotty |

For those not familiar with “The Punisher”, you should take a look at it. No, we’re not talking about the Marvel Comics character of the same name, but the Army’s new XM25, the new 25mm “air burst grenade launcher”. According to the Army Times, this Holy Smoker has been undergoing field testing on the battlefields of Afghanistan with great success.


Since its first contact Dec. 3, the XM25 has been in nine engagements with two units at different locations, officials said. Specifically, it has disrupted two insurgent attacks on observation posts, taken out two PKM machine gun positions and destroyed four ambush sites.

In one engagement, an enemy machine gunner was “so badly wounded or so freaking scared that he dropped [his] weapon” and ran, said Lt. Col. Christopher Lehner, Program Manager Individual Weapons.

Nothing spells success better than the enemy dropping his weapon, crapping his pants, and turning tail and running with poo and tinkle running down his legs. I would sure hate to be on the receiving end of this baby.

The XM25 has a target acquisition system that calculates range with the push of a button. The data is transferred to an electronic fuse, enabling the 25mm round to explode over the target and rain shell fragments on the enemy.

Modern technology at its best! This baby can even be tuned to detonate the grenade up to 10 feet (plus or minus) from the target, and since the grenade detonates over the target, it is more effective against targets that are behind cover or dug in.

What’s the clincher with the Punisher?

Lehner said the tests revealed only one problem: The units didn’t want to give the Punisher back.

The Army is planning on getting enough of these babies for every squad in the Army. Hopefully the Marines will follow suit and adopt it as well.

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