Thursday Night Sky Show

November 3rd, 2005 | by Sqotty |

Although I have had a lot to say lately, I have had very little time in which to write. However, sometimes, it is necessary to find the time to write, especially on an occasion when something spectacular happens. Tonight is such a time.

Every evening, before bed, I take the puppy-girls out for a final “patrol” of the day. This evening, as we walked down the driveway to the road, I marvelled once again, as I frequently do, at the marvelous night sky I am so blessed to enjoy. Tonight, however, something different happened.

At approximately 9:45 PM CST, I saw the tell-tale sign of a metorite streaking across the sky and breaking up. It looked to be a blue ball shining against the velvety night sky, and was north-west of my position, placing out towards Farmington, Minnesota.

I realized, after watching this bright display that is nearly time for the Leonids meteor shower. I wonder if this is a prelude of things to come, and if anyone else saw.

What a treat, and, once again, no camera at the ready to record it

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