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July 13th, 2007 | by Sqotty |

Last night was my monthly beer and politics discussion group get together, better known as the Townhall Meetup. We had about 15 people show up for the evening fun, including one new person. As it is now summer, it is not surprising that turnout is down a little bit as people are off vacationing. I must be doing something wrong.

There were several different topics last night, with two of them standing out, especially as election 2008 is looming in the not too distant future. These were health care and the war in Iraq.

Too quickly summarize, health care is a serious issue that needs to be handled in the next election, especially with Hillary Clinton running for president, and all of the other Democrat front-runners (and even the second stringers) pushing for socializing health care. It was mentioned that there may be some Republicans thinking of pushing the Romney solution to insurance, but there is nothing concrete that I am aware of.

The release of Sicko also played a role in the discussion, and it was pointed out how Moore, in his usual attempts to deceive Americans and glamorize communism, showed the health care system available to the high ranking elites in Cuba, and not what the system is like for the masses of Cubans.

One thing to remember when discussing socialized medicine. Actually there are two things. First, all these people pushing for it seem to hate and mistrust our government. If you think our government is bad, then why would you want to trust it with your medical care? Second: how many world leaders and wealthy people head to countries with socialized health care, like Cuba or Canada? Answer: ZERO! They come to the United States for major medical issues.

Another question to ask: how many Canadians, including physicians, are moving to the U.S. versus how many Americans, including physicians, are headed to the Great White North?

The War in Iraq will continue to be a significant and polarizing issue. It boils down to two options: continue to push to achieve our goals (victory) or pull out of Iraq. Both have severe consequences: more U.S. Military casualties vs. chaos, civil war, and a resurgence of totalitarianism in Iraq. Those who care about the later, and preventing it, also are very concerned about the former. Those on the Left really don’t give a rat’s behind about either, although they try to convince us that they do. Part of caring about the troops, and wanting to reduce American casualties, means biting the bullet and providing them with the tools they need to accomplish the mission, regardless of whether or not you agree with their mission. It is obvious that the Moonbats on the Left do not care one bit about the people of Iraq and what would happen to them should we pull out before the terrorist groups and militant death squads are eliminated, or Iraq is able to protect itself from an invasion by Iran.

Mike asked for a definition of victory in Iraq. Okay, I am up to a challenge. I’ll be giving that some thought over the weekend and will post what I think could constitute victory conditions in Iraq.


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