Walter “Matt” Jefferies Dies at 82

July 22nd, 2003 | by Sqotty |

For those who haven’t heard, Matt Jefferies passed away on July 21, 2003. He was the Art Designer for the original Star Trek series in the 1960’s. Sci-fi Wire as a brief article on his passing, and there is a longer piece on

For those who are a bit younger than me, and don’t know who Matt Jefferies was, he designed the Enterprise, and the sets, most importantly the Jefferies Tube, the small engineering set where Scotty performed so many of his engineering miracles. He was an integral part of Star Trek and will be missed.

Jeffries was also a close friend of my cousin, Kenn C. Rust, and they collaborated together on aviation history, inlcuding an article on the Curtiss Shrike.

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