Washington’s Birthday

February 22nd, 2007 | by Sqotty |

Today is Washington’s Birthday. Sometimes Americans, especially younger ones who grew up in age where we celebrate President’s Day as opposed to Washington’s Birthday, lose sight of this event.

Washington was not a politician, but a statesman, as well as a great general. The difference between a statesman and a politician is huge.

Many politicians look to push through agendas that may not always be in the country’s best interest, or, worse, violate the Constitution, such as McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform.

There are also politicians who make politics their career, and will do their utmost to stay in power.

Statesmen put country before self, and the people they serve before the power they are entrusted with. And when they have completed their calling, they go home to their loved ones and enjoy the private life they so richly deserve.

There are politicians are in it for money and power, and never miss a beat when it comes to knocking the other guy down.

Statesmen are there to serve the people, all of them, not just a select sub-set of the electorate.

Washington was a Statesman, and one of the best America has ever been blessed to have.

Happy Birthday, President Washington. America needs more statesmen like you.


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